Using the Taskfeed Tasks tab

The Taskfeed Tasks tab in Salesforce displays Taskfeed Task records across all different Boards. You will only have access to Task records you have access to.

What is it used for?

Use the Taskfeed Tasks tab to create custom list views (instructions below) or update Task records inline* from a List View.

*Not all fields on records in a list view can be edited inline. To find out whether a field supports inline editing, hover over it and look for the pencil Pencil icon. Non-editable cells have a lockUneditable Field. 

⚠️ Lists (e.g. Not Started, In Progress, Waiting etc) cannot be edited inline from a Taskfeed Task List View.

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Create Taskfeed Tasks Custom List Views

Organize, prioritize and manage yours and your team’s work across all Boards using custom List Views. Create Custom List Views in Taskfeed Tasks to meet various criteria and use them in the Tasks menu in Taskfeed.


To create list views:

Read on Taskfeed Tasks AND Create and Customize List Views

To create, edit, or delete public list views:

Manage Public List Views

  1. Navigate to the Taskfeed Tasks tab in Salesforce

  2. Follow the steps in this article to create or clone a list view in Lightning Experience. If you work in Salesforce Classic, you can find instructions here.

  3. When you Select Fields to Display, ensure you select the Board field.

  4. Use the arrows to add, remove, and reorder your visible fields.

  5. Click Save.

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