Working with the Tasks Menu

Working with the Standard and Custom Task List Views

In Summer ‘19 we introduced a new way to work with Tasks within the Taskfeed tab.

Prior to Summer ‘19, the Task Inbox was the best place to manage your Tasks across all open Boards. The Task Inbox has now been replaced with the Tasks Menu.

The new Tasks Menu gives you further options and flexibility to view and work on your tasks, tasks you have assigned to others and much more.

Navigating the Tasks Menu

Here’s what you need to know about the Tasks menu:

Navigate to the Tasks menu by clicking the Tasks icon in Taskfeed, on the left navigation bar.

The top 3 List views are the Taskfeed Standard Task list views, which are hardcoded and cannot be customized. The bottom section displays Custom Task list views that you can create and edit in Taskfeed Tasks.

The Standard Task List Views:

The top 3 list views in the Tasks menu are standard views and cannot be customized or deleted.

My Tasks

Show all open Tasks which you own or are a contributor of.

My Team Tasks

Salesforce Users who are Approval Managers see their Team’s tasks in this section.

Members of the team who are not the Manager do not see their team’s tasks in this view.

My Delegated Tasks

Anyone who creates and assigns a Task to someone else can see and manage those Tasks in this view. If you have not assigned any Tasks to anyone yet, the list will not be available to click.

Using the Custom Task List Views

Organize, prioritize and manage yours and your team’s work across all Boards using custom List Views. Create Custom List Views in Taskfeed Tasks to meet various criteria and use them in the Tasks menu in Taskfeed.

Custom List views created in the Taskfeed Tasks tab show up at the bottom section of the Tasks menu, below the standard list views.

Select one of the custom list views to work on tasks that meet specific criteria.

💡Users with the necessary permissions can create custom list views in the Taskfeed Tasks object and use it in the Tasks menu in Taskfeed.

📖 Learn More: Create Taskfeed Tasks Custom List Views

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