Error: 'Type: Required fields are missing: [type]'

If you or someone in your organization received an error message when trying to update a Task or a Board that says:

Error: Type: Required fields are missing: [type]


In Summer ‘19, we introduced a new feature: List Type. The new functionality within Lists on the Board includes a new required field: Type.

During the upgrade, the Lists in existing Boards that were created prior to July 2019 will have a List Type value pre-populated. However, some organizations may experience an issue the List Type values do not get fully pre-populated during the upgrade.


A Taskfeed Admin User or a Salesforce Administrator can push a button in the Taskfeed Application Settings page that will quickly fix the issue.

Just follow these steps:

1. From the Taskfeed tab, open the wrench icon located on the lower left-hand corner.

 2. Select Application Settings

3. Go to the Background Processes tab

4. In the Migrate List Template Type section, click Run Now

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