Relating Emails to Taskfeed

Relating Emails to Taskfeed Boards or Tasks

If you wish to relate emails outside of Salesforce to a Taskfeed Board or a Task, you will need a Salesforce email plug-in tool. There are several products (Salesforce for Outlook or Cirrus Insight) that allow integration between Microsoft® or Google™ email and Salesforce records, including Taskfeed.

Which Email Integration Product is Right for My Company?

Requirements & Setup:

Salesforce Administrator can assist with setting up a Salesforce email integration tool for you and your team.

  • To allow emails to be associated to a Taskfeed Board, your Salesforce Administrator will need to enable Track Activities for the Taskfeed Board object in your Organization.

To Allow Activities for Taskfeed Board:


To edit custom objects: Customize Application

1. Go to the Object Manager settings for Taskfeed Board in the Salesforce Setup.

2. In the Details tab, click Edit.

3. Check the box for Allow Activities under the Optional Features section.

💡Tips & Best Practices

Once the email integration is set up, we recommend associating emails from an external email application to a Taskfeed Board, rather than a Taskfeed Task. It's still possible to associate an email to a Taskfeed Task, but tasks can often have the same name across several different Boards (e.g. 'Kickoff Call'), so it's a lot easier to search for a Board rather than a Task.

Associating email threads to a Board or a Task:

The way email threads can be related to the same Salesforce record will strictly depend on the integration tool.

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