Adding a List to a Board

A list is a placeholder for Tasks on the Board. They are vertically-arranged cards that typically represent different workflow stages every task will go through from start to finish.

Taskfeed Permissions Required to Edit Lists:

Taskfeed Admin User or Taskfeed Super User

To Add a List to a Board:

  1. Select the Board in Taskfeed

  2. Open the side pane to display the board details on the right.

  3. Click or hover over the Board dropdown arrow next to the Edit button

4. Select Add List

5. Enter the List details:

Enter a Name 

Select the Order number to be arranged on the Board from left to right. E.g. Not Started order is 1, In Progress is 2, Waiting is 3 etc.

Select a Type for the list. This will define the behavior of tasks when they are dragged to this list. E.g. Inactive are for lists such as Not Started or Backlog, Active is for lists such as In Progress, and Complete will mark tasks off as done.

6. Click Save.

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