9. Set Up Board Stages

Managing Board Stages

Taskfeed provides a set of default Board Stage Values. Salesforce Administrators can edit Board Stage values to suit your organization’s business process.

Taskfeed Default Board Stage Values:

  • Backlog

  • Kick-off

  • Implementation

  • Training

  • Monitor

  • Complete

⚠️ NOTE: Taskfeed only supports a single set of Board Stage values across all Board Types. 

To Manage Board Stage Values:


To change picklists:

Customize Application

  1. Navigate to the Setup menu in Salesforce

  2. Enter Picklist Value Sets in the Quick Find search bar and go to Picklist Value Sets.

  3. Select the Board Stage Global Value Set. [insert board stage1]

  4. In the Values section, modify the picklist value.

  5. To deactivate a value, which removes it from the picklist but keeps it on existing records: Click Deactivate next to the value’s name. The value moves to the Inactive Values section. If you need the value again later, click Activate next to its name.

  6. To remove a value from the Board Stage global picklist and any custom picklists that share its value set: Click Del next to the value’s name and then click OK. If any custom picklists use this global picklist value set, you’re prompted to replace the value with either a blank value or an existing, active value. If no custom picklists use the value set, the value is deleted from the global picklist.

⚠️ NOTE: If a global picklist value is used in historical trending, it’s deactivated but not deleted.

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