'Unauthorized Endpoint' Error Message when loading Taskfeed?

Receiving “Unauthorized Endpoint” error message when loading Taskfeed?

Organizations that do not have My Domain enabled in their Salesforce instance may receive the above error message when trying to access Taskfeed.

Salesforce Administrators can resolve this by either enabling “My Domain” or configuring a Remote Site for Taskfeed.

To Configure a Remote Site for Taskfeed:

  1. If working in Lightning Experience, switch to Salesforce Classic

  2. Go to the Taskfeed tab

  3. When in Taskfeed, copy the portion of the URL on your browser as highlighted in the image below:

  4. Go to the Salesforce Setup menu, and in the Security Controls section select Remote Site Settings.

  5. Click New Remote Site.

  6. For the Remote Site details:

  • Enter Taskfeed for the Remote Site Name

  • Paste the URL copied in Step 3 for the Remote Site URL

  • Leave Disable Protocol Security unchecked

  • Optionally, enter a Description

  • Make sure Active is checked

7. Click Save. Taskfeed should load as expected now.

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