3.1. New! Team Member Mapping Custom Metadata Type

Team Member Mapping with Custom Metadata Types

⚠️ Available in Taskfeed Summer ‘19 - Versions 14 and above

What’s new?

Adding people to the Board and assigning them to tasks based on their role in the Account or Opportunity is now a lot easier.

Salesforce Administrators can now use Custom Metadata Types to easily map Taskfeed Team Roles to User Lookup fields in the Account or Opportunity related records.

Previously, this was only possible with Process Builder.

How does it work?

Salesforce Administrators can use the Taskfeed Team Member Mapping custom metadata type to associate a Taskfeed Team Role to a User Lookup relationship (or the Owner Id) in an Account or Opportunity. Once the mapping is set up, users will be automatically added when a Board is created and associated with that account or opportunity. They will also be assigned to tasks based on their mapped role.

If a user is replaced on the Account or Opportunity after a Board is created, they will also be replaced on any associated Boards.

Good to Know:

The Taskfeed Team Member Mapping Custom Metadata Type currently supports fields in Account and Opportunity only. To map a Taskfeed Team Role to other standard or custom object fields, use one of our pre-existing Role-Assignment Process Automation methods.

To create a Team Member Mapping:


To create or modify custom metadata records:

Customize Application

  1. Search in the Salesforce Setup for Custom Metadata Types.

  2. On the All Custom Metadata Types page, click Manage Records next to Team Member Mapping.

  3. On the list of Team Member Mappings, click New.

  4. Fill out the fields:

    1. Enter a descriptive Label for the mapping you’re about to create (e.g. Opportunity Project Manager);

    2. The Team Member Mapping Name will be auto-populated based on the label.

    3. Lookup Field Developer Name - that is the API Name for the User Lookup field in either Account or Opportunity (created separately). If you’re mapping the Owner of the Account or Opportunity, the API Name is OwnerId.

    4. Select the Object where the User Lookup is located: Account or Opportunity.

    5. Board Team Role: enter an existing Taskfeed Team Role value (e.g. Project Manager or Account Manager etc).

  5. Click Save.

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