Organize Your Taskfeed Templates with List Views

Use custom list views in Taskfeed Templates to help maintain, organize and sort active and inactive Taskfeed Templates in your organization.

Follow the steps below to create a Taskfeed Templates list view to show All Active Task Templates:

1. From Taskfeed Templates, click the cog icon for the List View Controls.

2. Select New. Or, click Clone to make a copy of the current list view.

3. Give your list a name and unique API name.

4. Choose who can see this list view: just you, or all users.

5. Click Save. The Filters panel appears.

6. Filter by Owner and select 'All taskfeed templates'.

7. Add a filter and select Active Equals True.

8. If you want to see only Task Templates in this view, add another filter and select Template Format Equals Task.

9. When you're done, click Save.

10. Next, choose and order the columns in your list view.

11. From the List View Controls menu, Select Fields to Display.

12. Use the arrows to add, remove, and reorder your visible fields.

13. Click Save.


Create another list view to display only Inactive Templates (filter by Active Equals False) following the same steps above to see which ones are not being used and can potentially be deleted or reactivated.

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