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How to upload a Task Template source file into Taskfeed Templates

Taskfeed User Permissions Required to Create or Manage Taskfeed Templates:

Only Salesforce Users with a Taskfeed License and the Taskfeed Admin User permission set can see and access the Taskfeed Templates tab.

See also: Taskfeed Licenses and Permission Set Types

The Taskfeed Templates tab can be found in the Taskfeed App or from the App Launcher in Lighting Experience, or the All Tabs bar in Classic.

1. Prepare the CSV source file for the template.

⚠️If you have not created a Task Template CSV source file yet, follow these steps first.

2. Next, go to the Taskfeed Templates tab in your Salesforce Organization.

2. Click New for a new template.

3. Provide a descriptive name for the Template. Make it distinguishable for your users if you plan on uploading several templates.

4. Select Task for the Template Format.

5. Select a Board Type. Select from one of the available types (Team, Project, etc) or select --None-- if you don’t want to associate the template with a specific board type.

💡 Here is the difference:

When you associate a Task Template with a Board Type, the template will be automatically imported every time a new Board is created and that Type is selected.

If you select --None--, this template won’t be associated with any board types but can be imported manually into existing boards.

Select --None-- for the Board Type option when uploading a template that can be used across different Board Types.

⚠️ There can only be one (1) Active Task Template associated with a Board Type.
See also: Associate a Task Template with a Board Type

6. Next, enter a Description for this template. This step is optional.

7. DO NOT select the Active or Default checkboxes. You will activate the template in the next step.

8. Click Save. This will take you to the next screen to upload the template CSV source file.

9. Click Choose File.  

10. Select the template CSV source file saved in your computer or local storage drive.

11. Click Upload Template File.

A preview of your task template will then display on the page.

12. Select Validate Template File to check for any errors.

13. Now Activate the template to make it available for use: check the Active box located on the Taskfeed Template Detail section of the page.

14. Then click Save.

The Task Template is now ready for use.

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