4.2 Scheduling Settings: Recalculating Task End Dates

What if a Task is completed earlier or later than planned?

In Taskfeed, a Task’s Complete Date and the Task’s End Date are 2 different fields and can have different values. This is important to remember when setting and using Task dependencies.

The End Date of a Task can be manually entered, rescheduled and edited as needed. It can also be automatically predefined from a template when you set a Start Date and Duration for a task or set a Duration and a dependency on another task (a combination of Predecessor Reference and Lead/Lag value).

The task Complete Date is a separate field. It is a timestamp automatically generated when someone marks a task as Complete.

If someone completes a Task any time before or after its End Date, the End Date does not change by default but the Task’s Complete Date will show the date and time when the task was marked as complete.

Therefore, if a predecessor Task is completed earlier than its End Date, the Start Date of its dependent tasks won’t be recalculated, but they will be considered Ready to work.

Enable the Task End Date to Update to the Complete Date Automatically

To configure your Organization’s Taskfeed Scheduling preferences:


To configure installed packages:

Customize Application

  1. Go to Setup and enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find search box.

  2. Select Installed Packages

  3. Find Taskfeed in the list of Installed Packages and click Configure

  4. Go to the Scheduling tab.

💡There are 2 options in the Taskfeed Scheduling Settings for your Organization which can be optionally enabled if you wish to have dependent tasks recalculated when predecessors are completed early or late:

Either or both options can be enabled to:

  • Recalculate the Task’s End Date to reflect the Complete Date when a Task is completed early and/or

  • Recalculate the Task’s End Date to reflect the Complete Date when a Task is completed late.

⚠️ When enabled, this setting will be applied to the entire organization

If one or both of these settings are enabled, it can affect the Start Date of dependent tasks because the Complete Date and the End Date will essentially become the same thing.

When you select:

Likewise, when you select:

The Complete Date of the Task will become its End Date. Dependent Tasks will also have their Start Dates recalculated.

When you both are enabled:

The End Date of tasks will be recalculated when they’re completed early or late.

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