Taskfeed & Salesforce Lightning Calendar

This article covers the capabilities, considerations and limitations for viewing Taskfeed  Boards and Tasks in the Salesforce Calendar in Lightning Experience.


Use Salesforce’s Calendar view in Lightning to create custom calendars and add filters to it. For instance, you can create a custom list view in Taskfeed Tasks and only show tasks of certain criteria (you can't do that with Salesforce's out-of-the-box Tasks!). For instance: "Kickoff Calls" or "My Tasks for Universal Containers".


Individuals can create custom calendars and share with other team members (in Salesforce).

Create calendars for Taskfeed Tasks or for Boards, or both.

You can also create (Salesforce out-of-the-box) Events against a Taskfeed Task, a Board and other Salesforce standard and custom objects (see default Actions). Events, unlike Taskfeed Tasks* can have a start and finish time.

⚠️*Taskfeed Tasks are considered all-day events and do not support functionality around time values, only standard date field values. When you create a calendar event with a set start and end time, Taskfeed will not reorganize or re-prioritize tasks due to start on the same day.  
  • When Taskfeed Tasks or Board Views are added to a Salesforce Calendar, viewers can click on the task or board from the Lightning Calendar view and go directly to its record.  


  • The Lightning Calendar view is in Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

List View Filtering

No list views are available for filtering calendars based on the Salesforce “Event” and “Task” objects. The list view shows all your tasks, open and closed, and all your events. For calendars created from other standard objects, list views with the scope My and All are supported, but list views with the scope My Team are not.

💡The good news is because Taskfeed Tasks are a custom object, you can create filters based on custom list views created in the Taskfeed Task and Taskfeed Board objects.

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