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Taskfeed Personal Settings > 🔔 Notifications

Receive Email or In-App notifications about Tasks that are assigned to you, marked as complete or when contributors post updates on Chatter. Notifications make it easier to stay on top of your Tasks.

Each user can manage their notification preferences from My Settings in the Taskfeed tab.

To Receive or Edit Personal Notifications:

  1. From the Taskfeed tab, click on the left navigation bar to open your Personal Settings page.

2. In the Notifications section, select the options you wish to receive. To stop receiving notifications, simply uncheck the appropriate options.

3. Click Save,

Personal Notification Options:

Daily Summary: Receive an email  every morning that highlights your upcoming and overdue tasks.

Assigned Owner: notifies you when someone assigns you as the owner of a Task. If you are assigned as a Board Owner or Board Team Member without being assigned to any Tasks on that board, you will not be notified.

Assigned as Contributor: notifies you when someone assigns you as a Task Contributor or when someone else is assigned as a contributor in a task where you are already a part of. Board members who are not added in any of the tasks on the Board will not be notified.

Task Ready: notifies you when a task you are involved in is ready to work on. A task is considered ‘Ready’ when its predecessor task is marked as complete.

Task Completed: notifies you when a task you are a part of has been completed by someone else.

Chatter Post to your Task: notifies when someone uses the Post action on the Chatter feed in a task you are a part of.

Chatter Comment to your Task: notifies you when someone adds a Chatter Comment on a task you are a part of.

Chatter reply to your Comment: get notified when someone replies to a Comment you have left on Chatter from a Task.

Email, In-App or Both?

💡 In-app notifications are ideal for those of us who live and breathe Taskfeed.

The icon on the left navigation bar in Taskfeed will alert you when there is a new notification.

In-App notifications are automatically dismissed overnight.

📨 Email notifications help you stay on top of work and ensure you receive timely and relevant updates, even when you’re logged out of Salesforce.

💡Good to Know:

Taskfeed only sends standard notifications about Tasks, not Boards. Board team members and other users will not receive other Board notifications that are not directly related to a Taskfeed Task.

Configuring Custom Notifications (Salesforce Admins):

The Taskfeed notification options in Personal Settings sends Task-related updates to users when they are either Task Owners or Task Contributors.

  • When someone is assigned as a Board Owner or Board Team Member without being added to any Tasks on that board, they will not be notified.

  • If a Board Owner is assigned but they did not create the Board, they will not be notified unless they are also Task owners or contributors. When a Board Owner is changed, the new owner can receive an email notification via Salesforce.

  • To notify Board members who do not contribute in any tasks on the Board, such as managers who are not assigned to any Tasks, or External Sharing viewers outside of Salesforce, your Salesforce administrator can configure a custom notification in Salesforce.

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