Taskfeed Personal Settings

Taskfeed > My Personal Settings

NOTE These steps work in Taskfeed Version 14 or later. Version 14 looks like this:

If you're working in a previous version, please visit the articles outside of the Version 14 User Guide.

Your personal settings help you customize your Taskfeed notifications and synchronize your Tasks with a personal calendar application outside of Salesforce.

đź”” Notifications

Notifications make it easier to stay on top of your Tasks.

Receive Email or In-App notifications (or both) from Taskfeed when a Task is assigned to you, marked as complete or when contributors post updates on Chatter.

Each user can set what and how they wish to be notified from Personal Settings in Taskfeed.

How to Set Your Notification Preferences

đź“… Taskfeed Calendar Sync

Taskfeed Tasks can be viewed in many personal calendar applications including mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android. For organizations that have External Sharing enabled, a unique URL is generated for every Taskfeed user containing only their own Tasks.  The URL can be added to any application that supports subscribing to other calendars by URL.

How to See Taskfeed Tasks In Your Calendar

To Access Your Personal Settings:

1. From Taskfeed, click on the left navigation bar.

2. Select Personal settings.

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