Scheduling and Rescheduling a Board and Tasks

There are a few different ways to schedule and reschedule your work in Taskfeed.

As Tasks on the Board are scheduled, the Board Start Date, End Date and Duration will adjust accordingly.  

Let’s start with the Board:

Taskfeed Board dates and duration are driven by its tasks.

The Board’s Start Date is determined by the Start Date of the earliest Task on the Board.

Likewise, the Board’s End date is determined by the End Date of the Task due to finish last.

Taskfeed Board dates and duration are driven by its tasks.

To reschedule the Board’s Start or End Date, simply edit the appropriate Tasks on the Board. Changing the Start or End Date at the Board level will not change the dates of tasks on the Board. But rescheduling the tasks will change the Board’s duration and dates.

Scheduling and Rescheduling Tasks:

You can schedule and reschedule tasks one of two ways:

  • By setting a Start and End Date or the Start and Duration of each Task or

  • By setting dependencies between Tasks.

    • With task dependencies, there is always a Predecessor Task (what must happen first) and one or multiple Dependent Tasks.

    • In Taskfeed, the Start Date of the Dependent Task is automatically set in relation to when the Predecessor Task is due to finish.

  • Changing the start, duration, or end date on the defined predecessor will consequently adjust the dates of any of its dependent tasks.

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