Mass Insert Data into Taskfeed

Use Case 1:

Populating several existing Taskfeed Tasks with a new Team Role

"We had to create new Team Roles for the Boards after the Boards were generated, so the Tasks didn't have those Roles for placeholders and now won't assign the people to tasks based on their role on the Board Team. 

 Is there a way to update these existing tasks with a role placeholder so when we add a Board Team Member it will automatically assign these people to the tasks?"

This is an example where simply adding these roles to a Taskfeed Template after several Boards have been created will not help. When you modify a Taskfeed Template, the changes are only applied to the Boards you create in the future.

To retroactively populate existing Tasks with a new Team Role:

1. Export all the Taskfeed Task Salesforce Record Ids to the tasks you wish to retroactively assign. This can be done by exporting a report created with the standard Taskfeed Task report type.

2. nclude the Taskfeed Task ID field on the report.

3. Copy to a spreadsheet with the following columns: 



4. Paste the IDs under Task column and the Role name(s) under Role column.

5. Save as CSV.

Use Data Loader or Data Import Wizard to insert the data into the Task Contributor object, which is a custom object included in the Taskfeed Managed Package.

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