Tutorial: Report on Total Time Spent per Board or Board Type

Report on Total Time Spent per Board

Create a report showing the total time your team has spent for each project over a period of time.

  1. In Salesforce, go to the Reports tab and click New Report.

  2. Select the Taskfeed Tasks report type - this report type is included in the Taskfeed managed package.

  3. Go to the Filters tab and select the following:

(1) select the filters tab

(2) Show: All taskfeed tasks

(3) select your preferred date range

(4) add a filter: Time Spent (Hours) | greater than | 0 (zero) - for this report, we only want to see those tasks which have time recorded against them.

  1. Select the Outline tab

  2. For the report outline, select the following: (1) Select the Outline tab

(2) Add a column: Time Spent (Hours)

(3) Add a Group, to group rows by Board Name

  1. Next, adjust the report to hide Detail Rows and hide Row Counts

  2. Save the report. Give it a name and select a folder. Then Run the report.

  3. Optionally, add a chart to this report: click Add Chart and select a type of chart.

Report on Total Time Spent per Board Type

Create a report showing how much time your team has dedicated over a period of time across all projects within each Board Type.

  1. To create this report, you can simply Edit the report created above and use it as the base.

  2. The filters are the same as the previous report. This time, we will group the results by Board Type instead of Board Name.

  3. In the Outline tab, go to the Groups section and select Board Type

  4. Drag Board Name to the Columns section.

  5. ⚠️Very important! Click Save As and rename the new report. This new report will show the total time spent overall per Board Type.

  1. Run the report.

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