The Task Inbox

NOTE: Does Taskfeed look like this in your environment?

If so, please visit the Version 14 User Guide for instructions in the new user interface.

The Task Inbox is your aggregated to-do list for all projects. It’s a great place to start the day and to manage your work across the different boards you’re a part of.  

To access your Inbox, go to the Taskfeed Tab and click the Inbox icon at the top navigation menu.

Your Tasks Grouped in Sections

The inbox organizes the Tasks that you own or that have been assigned to you across all the different Boards. The Inbox is divided into sections that organize your Tasks in different ways.

The chronological sections sort your tasks by their Start Date: Overdue,  Today, Tomorrow, Next 10 Days and Later.

There are also sections for Tasks that belong to you but have not yet been scheduled, and recently completed tasks.

Star Important Tasks

The top section of the Inbox displays tasks that are most important to you.

You can mark any of your tasks with a star. Tasks that you have marked with a Star will appear in the Starred section on top as well as their chronological section.

Manage Tasks from the Inbox

The Task cards in your Inbox display important information on them, such as their Start Date, Category, time spent, Chatter comments etc.

Click on a task to reveal more details on the side and to manage these tasks without leaving the inbox.

The Board name and list are displayed right underneath each Task Name.

  • Click the highlighted portion to move the task to a different list 

  • To go to the Board where the Task is, click on the Board Name. 

To go back to your inbox, just click the Inbox section again.


Switch Inbox

Users with the Taskfeed Admin Permission will also have access to Switch Inbox.

This permission is typically given to managers, who may need to view their team’s tasks from the Inbox perspective and help prioritize or reorganize tasks when necessary.

When switching Inbox you are able to reprioritize other people’s tasks from their Inbox. You may not see all of their Tasks as they may belong in Boards you do not have access to.

⚠️If you don’t see the Switch Inbox icon , you don’t have the necessary permissions to switch inbox with another user.

Learn More: How to Switch Inbox

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