Starter Guide for Standard Users

Welcome to Taskfeed!

Will you be using Taskfeed routinely as part of your work? Yay! Let us help you get started!

💡Who Does What in Taskfeed?

Different people may have different responsibilities and permissions in Taskfeed. We frequently refer to the following roles throughout our guides:

  • Salesforce Administrators configure and set up Taskfeed in your Salesforce organization. As a rule of thumb, if it's in the Setup, it's a job for the Salesforce Admin.

  • Taskfeed Admin Users are Super Users but not necessarily Salesforce Administrators. They have access to all Taskfeed objects and permission to manage the Taskfeed Templates other team members will use.

  • Taskfeed Standard Users also known as end-users, they use Taskfeed as part of their work. Standard Users can create and edit Tasks, Boards, assign people to tasks, use Templates, but do not have permission to create or manage the template structure.

This guide is intended for Taskfeed Standard Users.

Getting Started:

Let's learn some Board Basics to get familiar with how Taskfeed looks and what it does.

▶️ Watch Working & Collaborating in Taskfeed. It has great tips, best practices, and it's suitable for all levels.  - ⏱️1 hour.

Ready to create your first Board?

Ready to create your first Task

*If you don't see that option, ask your Salesforce Administrator to configure External Sharing in your organization first.

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