A Guide for Taskfeed Business Users

Welcome to Taskfeed!

Will you be using Taskfeed routinely as part of your work? Yay! Let us help you get started!

💡Who Does What in Taskfeed?

  • Salesforce Administrators configure and set up Taskfeed in your Salesforce organization. There are a few things in Taskfeed that must be configured or customized from the Setup Menu in Salesforce first. As a rule of thumb, if it's in the Setup, it's a job for the Salesforce Admin.

  • Taskfeed Admin Users" are super users but not necessarily Salesforce Administrators. They have access to all Taskfeed objects and manage the Taskfeed Templates your organization will use. They can also create Categories, edit Lists etc. This is all done from the Salesforce UI, so no need to access the Setup Menu.

  • Taskfeed Standard Users use Taskfeed as part of their work. They can create and edit Tasks, Boards, assign people to tasks, use Templates, but are not responsible for maintaining those templates.

💡This guide is intended for Taskfeed Standard Users.

Where do I begin?

Watch this short video to help you get started:

Let's learn some Board Basics to get familiar with how Taskfeed looks and what it does.

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What Should I Do Next?

Now go set your notification preferences, to make sure you’re alerted when someone adds you to their Board or assigns Tasks to you.

Ready to create your first Board?

Ready to create your first Task

Here's a quick look at what the different icons mean on the Task card
*If you don't see that option, ask your Salesforce Administrator to configure External Sharing in your organization first.

💡Got a question or want to learn more about Taskfeed?

Use our In-App Chat to get help from our support team or contact support@taskfeedapp.com

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