1. Overview

Taskfeed & Business Process Automation

Taskfeed helps you track and collaborate on the various activities between you and your customers beyond the sales cycle.

We know many of these processes, such as Customer Onboarding and Implementation are repetitive, but in order to get a clear view of their progress and measure their effectiveness, these projects should be as consistent as possible.

Taskfeed provides built-in solutions to make your repetitive work easier and more consistent.

You can create multiple Tasks ahead of time with Task Templates, which generate a series of predefined and pre-scheduled Tasks without having to enter them manually or even copy and paste. You can also use predefined roles in your Task templates so when people are given a role on the Board, they’re immediately assigned to the Tasks and notified.

Why Automate?

Many customers automate parts of their workflow in Taskfeed to reduce some of the complexity of their business process or simply to save some time.

You can have Boards created automatically, assigned to a predefined team, with the appropriate set of tasks based on the products sold in the Opportunity.

When automating, different sets of criteria can be defined to create the right type of Board, at the right time, for the right purpose. Because not all projects are the same or created for the same purpose, Salesforce Administrators can create additional Board Types to distinguish the nature of each project.

A Sales Board can be created whenever a Lead is qualified, an Onboarding Board whenever a new Opportunity is Won, a Renewal Board, for recurring Opportunities within existing Accounts. Those are just a few common examples.

💡Back to the Basics:

Board Types help you define the general purpose of each Taskfeed Board.

You can distinguish one Type from another by associating each Board type with its own custom List Template. The List Template will help shape the look of the Board and define its default set of Lists, which are the placeholders for the Tasks.

Likewise, you can associate a Task Template with a Board Type so certain tasks are always included when that type of Board is created.

Task Templates help ensure the activities are consistent within each type of board you can have and will help assign tasks to the right people every time.

Automation Use Cases

There are multiple ways to automate your workflow beyond what is already provided out of the box with Taskfeed, and the solution depends on your objectives and complexity involved.

If you wish to customize or automate Taskfeed, Salesforce provides an array of tools for Salesforce Administrators to configure an appropriate solution without code. Most requirements are solved using Lightning Process Builder.  

⚠️We recommend discussing any automation requirements with your Salesforce Administrator first and testing in a Sandbox whenever possible. 

Do you want Boards created automatically every time a deal is won?

Your Salesforce Administrator can design a simple automation process that runs in the background and generates a new Taskfeed Board whenever an Opportunity is Closed and Won.

The type of Board it creates can vary depending on the set of criteria you define.

How about Tasks?

You may also want tasks created ahead of time as well. If the Board has a Task Template associated with its Type, a series of tasks will be imported at the same time the Board is generated.

A single process takes care of creating the Board automatically in the background. If there’s a predefined Task template for the Board Type used in the Process, its tasks will also be created at the same time.

Automating Complex Processes in Taskfeed

Many Organizations sell different Products or Services where their Onboarding or Implementation Tasks may vary depending on the product or service they have sold.

Predefining a standardized project plan from a single template can be limiting when you are a multi-product company or you sell upgrades and add-ons that require additional work during the implementation.

In this case, there may be more than one possible Task Template for the same Board Type. Or you may want to use a combination of templates at the same time.

For these cases, the Template Import Wizard is a great solution, where you can select individual or multiple templates and Tasks to import after the Board has been created.

But it is also possible to automate the entire process as well, by designing a more sophisticated, multi-process automation solution.

We cover some of the most common automation use cases in our Knowledge Base. You can find additional support in Salesforce documentation.

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