Taskfeed Categories

Organize Tasks with Taskfeed Categories

Taskfeed Categories provide a visual way of identifying or organizing your Tasks.

When you create a Category you also define a color and a label. When a Task is given a particular Category, a colored label is displayed on the task on the Board, the Inbox, and the Due Date views in the Taskfeed tab.

Implementation (green), Client Action Item (red), and Event (blue) are Taskfeed Categories created for this Org.

Tasks that have a Category will be color-coded in the Plan View:

Taskfeed does not provide any Category values out of the box. Taskfeed Admins can create and manage Taskfeed Categories in your Org.

See also: Create & Manage Taskfeed Categories

How to Assign a Category to a Task

  1. Create or Edit a Task.
  2. Select one of the available Categories from the Category picklist.
  3. Active Category values will be displayed on the dropdown list.

If you don't see a Category previously used, check with your Taskfeed Admin if that Category has been deactivated.

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