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Taskfeed Template Workshop

New to Taskfeed? Do you want to learn more about working with Taskfeed Templates?
We have a workshop for that!

Whether you need a little help putting your first templates together or want some Onboarding inspiration - we cover all the basics and focus on best practices to help you get the most out of Taskfeed and make your processes smarter. 

We are currently running template workshops every other Wednesday from February 13th through March 27th. 

February 27th Agenda: 

On our second Template workshop, we will focus on revisiting your process and show you a few refreshing ways to work with templates.

Templates are great but do you ever feel like your projects have too many tasks, redundant activities or perhaps missing important information that should be part of your process?

In this session, we’ll give you practical tips and best practices to help you work smarter - not harder with Taskfeed.

Learn more about:
  • Remove the clutter by adding Tasks or Subtasks from different templates onto your Board when you need them.

    • Using the Template-Import Wizard to create custom yet consistent projects

  • Stitching Task Templates:

    • Create mini task templates that can be threaded together onto your process, depending on the type of project or products you sell.

    • To be or not to be dependent? Which tasks should always have dependencies and which ones are better off on their own.

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Taskfeed Office Hours ☕

Our Office Hours are a way to join us for a virtual coffee to get answers, hear the latest updates and to interact with the Taskfeed team.

During each live session, we cover frequently asked questions and show you tips and tricks for getting the most out of Taskfeed.

💡 Stay tuned for our upcoming timetable and agenda.

Why attend Office Hours?

  • Get your Taskfeed questions answered

  • Learn about new Topics (e.g. Subtasks, Task Groups, Baseline, Board Stages)

  • Find out how other teams use Taskfeed

  • Whether you're a Taskfeed newbie or a seasoned pro, learn new ways to use Taskfeed

  • Get updates from our team to help you plan your roll-out

⚠️Please Note: Office Hours are not intended for troubleshooting. If you have a technical issue, please contact support@taskfeedapp.com or reach out to us via the in-app chat so we can help you right away.

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