Add Notes & Hyperlinks to Tasks

Want to add Notes, links and images to your Tasks?

Taskfeed Tasks provide a Detail field where you can include a description or more information about the Task but it does not support text formatting or hyperlinks.

Use the Taskfeed Task Chatter Actions

  • You can post Task-related updates as the project progresses, attach files, and share a link with your team members using the Chatter Actions. You can also @ mention a colleague related to that Board.

To use the Chatter Actions to post an update about a specific Task, simply click on the Task to reveal its Side Pane detail and scroll down to the Chatter section. 

  • The Feed tab on the side pane will dispay all of the Board's Chatter activity history. 
  • You can also access the Board Feed by clicking on the Board's Name and selecting the Feed tab on the side pane.

Standardize Tasks with Links to documents, articles or Share links with Customers:

If you want to standardize certain tasks and give your team specific instructions with clickable URLs on the Task from a template, or share links with customers*:

Rich Area Text custom fields are a great solution to provide clickable links, images or formatted text on your tasks.

However, be mindful when implementing Rich Text Area fields as they have certain limitations in Salesforce, which is why we don't provide this type of field out of the box in Taskfeed.

When implementing a custom field on Taskfeed Task or Taskfeed Board, remember to include the new field in the following Taskfeed Task (or Taskfeed Board) field sets:

  • Edit Modal Fields
  • Record Detail Pane
External Sharing Considerations: To display Custom fields in External Sharing, Salesforce Administrators must edit the Field Level Security preferences for the External Sharing User profile.

Can I add links to my templates?

If you have a custom field on Taskfeed Task of the Text Area (Rich) type, you can format the information pertaining to that field on your Task templates. Just make sure to format the contents of that field on the template source file using HTML tags supported by Salesforce.

Use this HTML Cheat Sheet for guidance and common HTML tags.

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