Summer '18 Patch Updates

Since the original release of Taskfeed Summer ‘18 in June, we've been making additional improvements and fixing issues we have identified.

Version 13.29 released 02/08/2018

Bug fixes:

  • Improved Task Add pre-rendering

  • Complete Date was not syncing with local timezone

  • Hide Chatter iFrame from Side pane when Feed not Enabled for Object

  • Archiving a Task was not removing it from the Board

  • Console error when archiving task

  • Polling from Account/Opportunity Embed was not working

Version 13.28 released 30/07/2018

New or Improved Features:

  • New: Task Groups

    • Ability to set an order field per group filter, and order the task groups by it

    • Open Task Count Badge on Task Groups

    • Task Group Collapse and Expand added to Grouping Dropdown

    • Change Group tooltip

    • Task Group Section Styles Like Accordion not Collapse Section

  • Animation loading icon whilst template import is in progress

  • Plan view: Double click to edit on task name

  • Complete Task loading status in button

  • Aggregate Contributor Role Initials onto Task

Bug Fixes:

  • Plan View timeline should expand as you scroll

  • Command/Ctrl Click Pop-out links to open in new tab

  • Drag on touch device should have drag delay of 300ms

  • Task Contributors staying in contrib list once removed

  • Reload aggregated feed when switching Board or adding Boards to view.

  • Aggregated feed not working in inbox view

  • Add Tooltip to Complete Date Tooltip on Task Card

  • Board View when no tasks does not show lists

  • Task Group Table View: Keep columns consistent

  • Dropdown button style inconsistent

  • Chatter iFrame not expanding with content in Lightning

  • Modal not changing back route on cancel (edit task on double click on task card)

  • Plan: Delete dependency not working

  • Plan: Tasks shuffle around on save Task Group: Remove arrows from drop down

  • BoardId not showing on Daily Email Summary for some users

  • Task Group: Accordion Font-family and weight not following SLDS"

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