New! Repeat Tasks

Use Repeat Tasks for recurring activities such as weekly meetings, quarterly progress check-ins and other ongoing work.

Repeat Tasks is a new feature released in Summer ‘18 - available in versions 13.27 and above.

Don't see Repeat Tasks?  If Taskfeed was installed in your Organization for the first time before July 2018, ask your Salesforce Administrator to include Repeat Tasks fields on the Taskfeed Task page layout.
Use Repeat Tasks for ongoing activity on the same Board. 
Define the frequency and interval to continue creating Tasks automatically for you. The Frequency may be Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The interval is the space between each frequency, such as "1" for once a week, if the frequency is "weekly", or perhaps "2" if the frequency is every other week. 
To stop repeating a task, define whether to end after a set number of Occurrences or after a certain date.

  • The next recurring Task will be created when the previous one is completed. The recurring Task will be created in the Default list on the Board.

To Repeat a Task, access the Task from the Taskfeed Task tab in Salesforce.

Creating Repeat Tasks

  1. Open the Task you wish to repeat in the Taskfeed Tasks tab. If you create a new Task, make sure to select the Board and the List and then open it in the Taskfeed Tasks tab.

  2. Find the Repeat Section on the page. If you don't see the Repeat section on the page, follow this article.

  3. Click Edit and scroll to the Repeat section.

  4. Select a Repeat Frequency: Never, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

  5. Enter a Repeat Interval number:

    1. If you want the Task to repeat once a week, select Weekly and enter 1 for the Repeat Interval

    2. If you want the Task to repeat once every Quarter, select Monthly and enter 3 for the Repeat Interval.

  6. Select when to stop repeating the Task by entering a value for either Repeat End After Occurrences or Repeat End Date.

  7. Leave the other Repeat fields blank.

    1. The Repeated Task checkbox will be checked automatically after the first occurrence.

    2. The Repeated Occurrences auto-populates after the first occurrence to show how many Tasks occurrences have been completed.

  8. Click Save.

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