Task Assignment Automation: Considerations

Assign people to Taskfeed Boards automatically - How it Works

How can we assign people to the Board based on their Role?

Allocation of Board Team Members, Task Owners and Contributors is typically done by:

  1. Defining and Configuring Taskfeed Team Roles ahead of time

  2. Before the Board is created - one or more Taskfeed Team Roles are defined for each of the Tasks on all Task Templates.

  3. Then finally, once a Board is created, the owner adds people to the Board and selects a Taskfeed Team Role for each of them to have on the project.  

When a person is added to the Board with a given role, Taskfeed assigns them to any Tasks containing that Role on the board.

How can we assign people to the Board automatically?

There are a couple of different ways to automate the assignment of Taskfeed Boards, Tasks and Subtasks (subtasks are assigned the same way as Tasks, technically speaking) to people in your Organization.


The Automatic Role-Based Assignment solution described in this article assigns people to the Board and to Tasks based on User lookup values found in a related record elsewhere in Salesforce.  

The configuration is done through Lightning Process Builder in a process that evaluates the relationship between the Board and a related record such as an Account or an Opportunity.

 Board Team Members and their role will be pre-defined from the Account or Opportunity level via custom User Lookup Fields, which may or may not already exist in your Org.

The Process will map the values of those fields to Roles in Taskfeed and when those values are populated or changed, they sync.

 If the same person is always going to be responsible for all tasks containing a certain role, and there is no one else with that role in the Organization, you can create a similar process that assigns that Salesforce User to all tasks and all boards containing their defined role. This process is less scalable and we only recommend for very small organizations where there is only one person per role.

To allocate people to projects based on their workload or another resource allocation tool, you would need to define how the criteria are evaluated in Salesforce. Additional configuration and considerations may vary, depending on your requirements.

Please contact us if you have specific requirements not covered in our Support documents.

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