3. Assigning Team Members Automatically: Considerations

Assigning people to Taskfeed Boards automatically - How it Works

Can we assign people to the Board and to Tasks automatically?

A project is rarely conducted by only one person. When different members are involved, you can assign people to the board and to different tasks quickly and efficiently by setting up the following first:

  1. Define and Configure the Taskfeed Team Roles that are part of your organization's business process.

  2. Define the team roles that are responsible for each task as you set up your Task Templates.

  3. Then finally, once a Board is created, the Board owner adds people to the Board and selects a Taskfeed Team Role for each of them to have on the project.  

When a person is added to the Board with a given role, Taskfeed assigns them to any Tasks containing that Role on the board.

Ways to Assign People and How it Works:

Boards rarely exist in isolation and when Boards are associated with an Account or an Opportunity, you may also want to make sure the people involved are also part of the Board and assigned to Tasks.

There are a few different ways to automate the assignment of people to Taskfeed Boards, Tasks, and Subtasks (subtasks are assigned the same way as Tasks, technically speaking):

  • For Accounts & Opportunities:  the Team Member Mapping Custom Metadata Type - Link to here

  • If your Org uses Opportunity Teams, we also provide an Opportunity Team Sync package (free to download) that assigns Board Team members to the Board and their tasks based on the related Opportunity Team.

  • If your Org uses account teams we also provide an account team synch package (free to download) that assigns Board Team members to the Board and their tasks based on the related account Team.

  • For other Standard or Custom Objects, Salesforce Admins can use Process Builder to assign and/or reassign people to the Board and to tasks based on their role.

  • Please note you should use ONE of these methods, and not all of these methods to avoid confusion as to what is driving the team members. Please do NOT use opp and account teams at the same time.

Please contact us if you have specific requirements not covered in our Support documents.

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