4.1.Scheduling Settings: Use Custom Business Hours

Use custom Business Hours to set Taskfeed Business Days and help plan your team's availability on projects and Tasks.

This article explains how to configure the Scheduling Settings in Taskfeed around your Organization's predefined Business Hours.

If you’d like to define the Taskfeed Business Days setting outside of the standard Monday-to-Friday working days, you can use Salesforce custom Business Hours to specify your organization’s working days and holidays. Taskfeed Tasks will be automatically scheduled around those working days and holidays.  

Learn more about configuring Salesforce Business Hours.


Before you customize Taskfeed Business Days, here’s what you need to know:

  • Taskfeed schedules its tasks as all-day events, it is agnostic of actual hours in a working day.

    • When using a Salesforce Business Hours to synchronize with the Taskfeed Business Days settings, the Business Hours set in each working day as well as holidays should be set as 24 hours, No Hours or All-Day Holidays.

  • Taskfeed expects its Business Days setting to have all-day working days. Using Business Hours with predefined time will be ignored or inaccurately calculated.

  • If Holidays are defined, their Date and Time should also be set as All Day as well.

  • When setting Taskfeed Business Days, a single setting will be applied to the entire organization. It is not possible to have distinguished scheduling arrangements for individuals or teams.

    • However, users can manually reschedule their tasks as needed, around their holidays and days that they may not be available.

    • Any task can be manually scheduled or adjusted as needed - and that will override the automatic scheduling set by the predefined Business Days.

To sync Taskfeed with Salesforce Business Hours:


To set business hours:

Manage Business Hours Holidays

  1. Switch to Salesforce Classic if working in Lightning Experience.

  2. Go to Setup in Salesforce and enter Business Hours in the Quick Find box, then select Business Hours.

  3. Select one of your organization's available business hours (you may have multiple custom business hours created in your Org).

    1. Ensure the business hours you select has its working days set as 24 Hours pr No Hours for non-working days; and if it contains holidays, that the Day and Time are set as All Day.

  1. Copy the Salesforce Id of the business hours, which is the 15-character code found on the URL for the page in your browser.  

Paste the Business Hours Salesforce Id onto Taskfeed Business Days:

  1. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box. Find Taskfeed and click Configure.

  2. Select the Scheduling tab.

  3. In the Business Days field, enter the Salesforce Id, copied in step 4.

  4. Click Save.

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