Create a Subtask

Subtasks are Tasks on the Board which are related to a Parent Task.

Use Subtasks to organize a Task into smaller parts and distribute the work among multiple contributors.

Subtasks add another level of granularity to Tasks with their own due dates, checklist items, contributors and dependencies.

Creating Subtasks:

Just like Taskfeed Tasks, Subtasks can be created as needed on a Board or from a Template. Individual Tasks that don’t have a Parent, can also become subtasks.

To Add a Subtask to a Task on the Board:

  1. Click on a Task on the board to reveal its record detail pane, on the right of the screen.
  2. Select   .
  3. Click Add a Sub Task 
  4. Create a Subtask as you would create a Taskfeed Task. This subtask will be nested under the Parent Task you clicked on step 1.
  5. Click Save

Subtasks can move throughout the different lists on the Board independently from its Parent task. 
When a Parent Task is complete, its subtasks will not automatically be completed and vice-versa.

Make a Task Become a Subtask:

  1. Select a Task from the Board on the Taskfeed Tab.

  2. Double-click the Task card or select on the Task Detail Pane to edit the Task.

  3. Click Advanced Options* to choose a Parent Task.

  4. Select a Parent Task. The Parent Task is a Task from the Board. Tasks that are related to a Parent Task are called Subtasks.

  5. Adjust the subtask values as needed, such as Start Date, End Date, Duration and dependencies.

*The Parent Task field can be moved up to the main section of the Edit modal window if you prefer. Ask your Salesforce Administrator to edit the Taskfeed Task Edit Modal Field Sets.

To create a dependency with another Task or Subtask:

  1. In Advanced Options, select a Predecessor Task.

  2. Enter a Lead/Lag (Days) value

  3. Enter a Duration.

When a Parent Task has one or more subtasks, it will inherit the Start and End Date of its subtasks. To edit a Parent Task’s Duration, Start or End Date, you must edit its subtasks

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