Sample Templates

Download one of our sample Templates for inspiration or to help you create a Task or List Template. 
After you download, leave the column headers as is and replace the other cell values with your own Tasks and dependencies.

Task Templates

  • Onboarding Task Template - Tasks & checklist items only

  • Onboarding with Board Stages - Tasks mapped to a corresponding Board Stage value. This template uses the Taskfeed default Board Stage values. Modify the template and add your own Stage Values.

  • Onboarding with Tasks & Subtasks - Tasks, Subtasks & Checklist Items. In this sample template, Parent Tasks (Tasks) identify milestones. Subtasks are the activities that must be completed before achieving each milestone.

  • Sample Training Add-on Task Template - Import as needed onto a Parent Task as Subtasks Only. Use with Onboarding Task Template and import within the Training Task.

List Templates

  • Onboarding Lists (Summer '19) - Includes a List for Scheduled Tasks and new functionality (introduced in Summer '19) within each List, for List Type. Type Defines each List on the Board as either Active, Inactive or Complete. Automatically updates any unlogged remaining Task hours to zero when a Task is moved to Complete.

  • "Get Things Done" List Template (Summer '19) - A Template with Custom Lists updated for Summer '19. Lists Names are: To do, Doing, On Hold and Done. This template includes a custom background color for each List and automatically updates any unlogged remaining Task hours to zero when a Task is moved to the 'Done' List or marked as complete .

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