Taskfeed Summer '18 Release Notes

The Summer ‘18 release brings you a rebuilt app with improved performance and a transformative new feature - Subtasks.

Release Availability

Taskfeed Summer ‘18 will be available for Sandboxes and through Test Drive from June 13th, 2018. From June 25, 2018 Taskfeed Summer ‘18 will be available to install or upgrade from the AppExchange. On July 9th Taskfeed Summer ‘18 will be automatically upgraded for anyone that has not opted out of this service.

Update: Based on customer feedback and testing, we have addressed a number of issues and added new features to Summer ‘18 since its early release in July.

We will push the upgrade to customers automatically week commencing 6th of August.

Please contact us if you have not been upgraded by August 15th 2018.

Some changes in Summer ’18 may affect all Taskfeed users immediately after the release goes live. We encourage communicating these changes to your team. We also recommend testing the Summer ‘18 version in a Sandbox first.

Subtasks will not affect existing Boards, Tasks or templates. If you wish to change your current Task Templates to include Subtasks in the future, Taskfeed Admin Users and those who have access to manage Taskfeed Templates will need to make the necessary changes. A sample Task Template with Subtasks is available to download in our Knowledge Base.


Subtasks bring a new way to organize a task into smaller parts, manage complex plans and break down the work into logical groups. Organize subtasks into phases or milestones of a project; or perhaps group them under a single theme, such as Implementation, Deployment or Training.

Subtasks will let you define the subtasks in your template much like you do with Dependencies today.

You can also define discreet templates to import “into” a Parent Task as Subtasks only.
  • Group Parent Tasks
  • Navigation with Subtasks
  • Total Subtask count on the task card
  • View Subtasks in the Parent Task’s record detail pane
  • Drill into the Parent task from the Board View and focus on its Subtasks
  • Toggle on and off to view all tasks or just the Parent on Board view
  • Toggle the Parent task on/off from the Plan View to expand or collapse its subtasks.
  • Copy a Task with all Subtask as a group
  • Import template into a particular Task as Subtasks only
  • Define Parent/Subtask relationship in Task Templates
  • One level of Subtasks (additional levels will be available in upcoming releases)
  • Subtasks have all the same capability as Tasks (multiple Contributors, Roles, checklists, time logs, attachments, their own Start and End Dates, Chatter, Baseline etc.
  • The Parent Task inherits its subtasks dates and total duration.

Improvements and New Features

We have completely rebuilt the app to provide improved responsiveness, security and speed. These changes will also allow us to develop and deliver future improvements faster.

You will notice the first signs of an improved User Interface immediately with Summer ‘18. Below are some of the existing features that highlight these changes:

The Plan view

  • We are introducing a significantly improved Plan View, with additional features to support working with Subtasks.
  • Tasks are easier to move and drag on the plan.
  • Task dependency lines are now easier to create, edit and delete.
  • New collapsible sections for Boards and Parent Tasks:
  • Toggle Boards On/Off to expand or collapse a Board when multiple Boards are displayed on the view.
  • Toggle Tasks On/Off to expand or collapse their Subtasks
  • Weekends are highlighted
  • Increased Zoom In/Out levels to view larger plans on one screen with less scrolling
  • Group by Lists in Plan View advanced option: this feature will be enhanced to also enable grouping by Category, Owner, Parent Task and other common Task attributes. This feature enhancement will be available in July 2018.

The Task Inbox

  • We have improved the behavior of the Task Inbox to always display tasks in chronological order, with an added section for Overdue Tasks.
  • Tasks are chronologically ordered by Start Date
  • An additional section for Overdue tasks only (previously grouped in the Today section)
  • When a Task is marked with a star from the Inbox, they will appear in both the starred section and in its corresponding Inbox section based on its Start Date.
  • Tasks cannot be manually dragged from one Inbox section to another. Their Start Date now overrides this behavior.

Taskfeed Categories

  • We have introduced an Active checkbox to the Taskfeed Category.
  • Active Categories will be available for use.
  • When inactive, a Category will not be available from the Category dropdown list on a task but will still display on tasks that were previously assigned to that Category when it was active.
  • Deactivating without deleting a Category helps you declutter the Category dropdown list if you want to use Taskfeed Categories for a different purpose, without losing historic data. 

Taskfeed Filters

  • We have improved the Taskfeed tab filter toolbar. The filter search results are more powerful and the toolbar easier to use. Results are shown as you type and search. When you switch to a new board, the filter is reset. 
  • Persistent filter recommendations have been removed for improved results and user experience. 
  • “My Tasks” filter recommendation has also been removed, and now you can filter your own staks by typing entering your name on the filter search toolbar.

“My Tasks” was filter recommendation, not to be confused with the Board Menu “My Tasks” Task List View, which is still available.

Other Changes

  • Task Limit Increase - Maximum number of Tasks displayed in Taskfeed views increased from 500 to 1,000.
  • Category Left Border Color on Task Card - Previously, the task card displayed its Category color on the left border on the Board View, as well as the Category label. The border color on the task card has been removed in Summer ‘18. 
  • Full Screen mode - The ability to display the Taskfeed tab in full screen mode and remove the Salesforce frame has been removed for the Taskfeed tab. Use the Taskfeed1 tab in Salesforce Classic to view Taskfeed boards in full screen mode.
  • Board “dot” Icon on Board Menu - A small dot on the Board menu that displays as grey or red and showed if you owned a Task on the Board or if the Board had overdue tasks. This icon has been removed in Summer ‘18.

Summer '18, version 13.28 New Features:

Task Groups

Task Groups are a new way to view the work on your Boards. It works across all the views including Board, Plan and Table view.

Along with Task groups we also made a number of other improvements:

  • Plan view will not expand as you scroll

  • Double click the tasks name to edit in plan view

  • Use Command/Ctrl-Click to open side pane links in a new browser tab

  • Fixed an issue when removing a Contributor wasn't removing their avatar or initials from the task.

  • Made numerous changes to improve the responsiveness of update including marking a task as complete.

Task Template Import Wizard

The Template Import Wizard helps you add a Task Template onto an existing Board. The new Wizard allows you to import multiple templates at the same time!

But that’s not all! You can also select which Tasks to import from each template as well.

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