Schedule Tasks Based on Other Dates in Salesforce

Schedule Tasks based on other Date Fields in Salesforce

When Tasks are created from a template,  the Start Date can be defined in several ways:

  • It can be defined as a specific dat in the format YYYY-MM-DD. E.g. 2018-05-21
  • It can be relative to the date the template is imported. Using the keyword TODAY will set the Start Date for today’s date. You can also use TODAY+n to set the Start Date as an offset from today. E.g. TODAY+1 will set the Start Date for tomorrow.
  • Or it can be relative to a related Date field in Salesforce.

This document explains how to schedule tasks automatically based on other relevant dates in Salesforce, such as a Project Kickoff Date in Opportunity or a Go Live date in Account.


“Go Tech Year 1” is an Opportunity record in Salesforce. When the Opportunity stage updates to Closed/Won, a Taskfeed Board will be created with a series of tasks related to the Implementation of this project.

The Opportunity Close Date is set for 25/04/18 and the Planned Kickoff Date for the Implementation will be on 27/04/18.

The Account Manager has predefined an Implementation Task Template - which is used on Implementation boards -  with those important dates in mind.

Most Standard Implementation tasks are dependent on one another. Some tasks are scheduled to start when the Board is created, while others are scheduled based on the Planned Kickoff Date.

Typically, the Sales Handover takes place on the day the Board is created; a Kickoff Call with the client is booked, and then the Kickoff Call takes place on the Planned Kickoff Date.

How can we map Taskfeed dates to other Date fields in Salesforce?

To map Taskfeed Task Start Dates to another date in Salesforce from a template, a date field must be created in Taskfeed Board.

When a Task Template is imported, Taskfeed uses Taskfeed Board date fields to schedule its tasks accordingly.

For Admins: Mapping Salesforce Date Fields with Taskfeed

Planned Kickoff Date is a custom Date field in the Opportunity.

Kickoff Call is one of the tasks in a Task Template used for Implementation boards.

When an Implementation Board is created and is related to an Opportunity, the Planned Kickoff Date in that Opportunity will schedule the Kickoff Call task automatically.

If the Opportunity has no Planned Kickoff Date yet* when a Board is created, then the Kickoff Call Start Date will default to the day the board is created.

*Note: If the Planned Kickoff Date in the Opportunity is set after the Board is created or if that date changes, the Tasks on the Board will not be affected automatically without additional customization. To update Taskfeed Tasks automatically from another record in Salesforce, use Lightning Process Builder to create an automation process.

Step 1: Relate Salesforce Date Fields to Taskfeed Board

Create a custom Formula Field of the Date type “Opportunity Planned Kickoff Date” on Taskfeed Board.

In our example, the formula references the Planned Kickoff Date in the Opportunity.

1. From Setup, open the Object Manager and click Taskeed Board.
2. Create a custom formula field of the Date type to reference a date elsewhere in Salesforce.
3. Select Advanced Formula to insert a field from another Taskfeed Board-related object.

4. No operators are necessary. Save the formula.

5. Copy the formula field’s API Name, which will be listed in the Fields & Relationships section of Taskfeed Board.

Step 2: Add the (Taskfeed Board Formula Field) API Name to the Task Template

Now map the field created in Step 1 into a Task Template. Use the API Name of the formula field in the Start Date column of any tasks that should reference that date.

1. Create or download an existing Task Template source file

2. Paste the copied API Name onto the Start Date cell of any task that should reference that date.

3. You can optionally add a suffix to the API Name on the Start Date cell to schedule the task to start a number of days before or after the referenced date.

E.g. If the Opportunity Planned Kickoff Date is 27/04/18 and Kickoff Call task Start Date = Opportunity_Planned_Kickoff_Date__c , then the Kickoff Call will be scheduled for 27/04/18

If the Opportunity Planned Kickoff Date is 27/04/18 and Kickoff Call Start Date = Opportunity_Planned_Kickoff_Date__c + 1 , then the Kickoff Call task will start on 28/04/18

4. Save the source file as .CSV, then upload it to an existing Task Template or create a new one.

Note: Tasks with a Start Date value are not held up by other tasks.  Leave the Predecessor Reference and the Lead/Lag (Days) column blank for any tasks that have a Start Date value on the template.

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