4. Give Users Access to Taskfeed

Give Salesforce users access to Taskfeed 

When you install Taskfeed in your organization from the AppExchange, you purchase a certain number of licenses. To give users access to Taskfeed, Admins assign each license to a user within your organization.

After assigning a license, Admins must then grant a Taskfeed Permission Set to each licensed users. The permission set determines the type of access each licensed user will have to Taskfeed, such as Read-Only.

Sandboxes do NOT contain Taskfeed Licenses, only Production environments. Access to Taskfeed in Sandboxes is granted with a Taskfeed Permission Set.

How to assign or manage a Taskfeed License:

User Permissions Needed
To manage licenses for an AppExchange package:Manage Package Licenses
  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages.
  2. Find Taskfeed from the list of Installed Packages then select Manage Licenses.
  3. Notice at the top right is a summary of purchased licenses, between Allowed Licenses and Used Licenses:
  • Allowed Licences are the number of Licenses available to assign to users
  • Used Licences are the number of Licenses already assigned to users
      4. Select the Add Users button.
      5. Once you have assigned a license, you will also need to Assign a Taskfeed Permission Set.

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