3.5. Assign/Reassign Tasks Using Process Builder

The Automatic Role-Based Assignment solution described here will assign or reassign people to the Board and to Tasks by mapping a Taskfeed Team Role to a User Lookup Relationship in a related record elsewhere in Salesforce.  

The configuration is done through Lightning Process Builder in a process that evaluates the relationship between the Board and a related standard or custom object record.

 Board Team Members and their role will be pre-defined from the Account or Opportunity level via custom User Lookup Fields, which may or may not already exist in your Org.

The Process will map the values of those fields to Roles in Taskfeed and when those values are populated or changed, they sync.

 If the same person is always going to be responsible for all tasks containing a certain role, and there is no one else with that role in the Organization, you can create a similar process that assigns that Salesforce User to all tasks and all boards containing their defined role. This process is less scalable and we only recommend for very small organizations where there is only one person per role.

To allocate people to projects based on their workload or another resource allocation tool, you would need to define how the criteria are evaluated in Salesforce. Additional configuration and considerations may vary, depending on your requirements.

For Salesforce Admins: Automatic Task Assignment/Reassignment Based on a User Lookup

Assign and Reassign people to Taskfeed Boards and Tasks based on a user lookup field on a related Account, Opportunity or another Salesforce record.

This automation process can be created by Salesforce Administrators using  Process Builder.

Step 1: Map Custom User Lookup Fields to Taskfeed Team Roles

Create one or more custom User Lookup field(s) (or identify existing ones) in the source object where your process typically begins. These can be user lookups in an Opportunity, Account or another standard or custom object that relates to Taskfeed.

The values selected in those lookup fields will be users who should have a role on the related Taskfeed Board for that record.

In our example below, Onboarding Manager, Account Manager and Implementation Manager are user lookup fields in the Opportunity object. Each of these field values will be automatically matched (with process automation) to their corresponding roles on the related Taskfeed Board.

We have selected Maggie Manager as the Onboarding Manager, Sally Seller as the Account Manager and Danny Data as the Implementation Manager for that Opportunity record.

Maggie, Sally and Danny will be assigned corresponding team roles on the Taskfeed Board related to this Opportunity and responsible for the tasks given to each of those roles on the board.

If your source object does not yet have the relevant user lookup fields defined, create a custom user lookup field.

Step 2: Configure Taskfeed Team Roles

Taskfeed Team Roles are defined so users can have a role on the Board and be assigned to specific tasks. Team Roles are configured separately and are not related to the Salesforce Role Hierarchy.

How to Configure Taskfeed Team Roles

Salesforce User Permissions needed to Change Picklists:

    Access to Setup and Customize Application

The following are Taskfeed Team Roles that have been configured for a particular organization.

Step 4: Create the Role-Based Assignment Process using Process Builder

In our example process, a Taskfeed Team Role (“Onboarding Manager”) is mapped to the value populated in the “Onboarding Manager” lookup field in Opportunity records with related Taskfeed Boards (this works the same way if your process begins elsewhere, such as an Account, Case or a custom object).

When a Taskfeed Board is created, has the “Onboarding Manager” role (defined in any tasks included in this board) and is related to an Opportunity record, Process Builder will look if there is a value for the Onboarding Manager lookup in Opportunity. If “true”, that user will be added to the Board and to all tasks assigned Onboarding Manager role on the board. If the user is later reassigned at any point in time, the Onboarding Manager tasks on that Board will be automatically reassigned.

User Permissions NeededTo create, edit, or view processes:Manage Flow


View All Data

1. Go to Setup and enter Process Builder in the Quick Find search bar.

2. Select Process Builder.

3. Click New to create a new process.

4. Name your process and select When a Record Changes for “The Process Starts When”.

5. Click Save.

Next, select the object - where the user lookup field(s) is located - to start the process.

In our example, an Onboarding Manager, an Account Manager and an Implementation Manager will be selected on an Opportunity. When these users are selected, we want to automatically add them to the related Board(s).

6. Select “when a record is created or edited”, then click Save.

Setting the Criteria and Immediate Actions:

If you have more than one lookup field in the object that should be mapped to a corresponding Taskfeed Team Role, create a separate criteria node for each role, and select “Evaluate the next criteria” after the previous Immediate Action.

In our example, we have 3 roles. We will need 3 criteria nodes and 3 immediate actions.

For the first criteria node, set the following condition: When Role__c Is Changed Boolean True.
E.g., When the Onboarding Manager user lookup field in Opportunity is changed (from blank to populated with a value or when the value changes to another user).

Follow the Criteria instructions below and replace “Opportunity__c” with the API name for the object required in your process (e.g. [Account__c], if not Opportunity) and “Onboarding_Manager__c” with the API Name of the user Lookup in the same object.


Select Conditions are met:

[Opportunity__c].Onboarding_Manager__c is changed = TRUE

Conditions: All of the conditions are met (AND)

2. Click Save.

3. Click + Add Action

4. Select Apex for Action Type.

5. Give the action a name and select “Add Board Team Member from Lookup” for Apex Class.

6. Set the following Apex Variables:

Lookup Field Name | String | Opportunity__c

Lookup Record ID | Field Reference | [Opportunity.Id]

Board Team Role | String | Onboarding Manager

New User ID | Field Reference | [Opportunity__c]. Onboarding_Manager__c

Previous User Id | Formula | PRIORVALUE([Opportunity__c].Onboarding_Manager__c )

7. Click Use this Formula then click Save.

8. Add another criteria node for any other user lookup fields in the source object. Mimic the first criteria.

9. Add another Action node and mimic the Apex Variables from the first action node.

10. Go back to the previous Action node and click the Stop button. Select Evaluate the next criteria, then click Save.

Repeat steps 14 through 16 for any other user lookup fields in the source object that you wish to map to Taskfeed Team Roles.

11. Click Activate.

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