Taskfeed and Salesforce Events & Calendar


Use Salesforce’s Calendar view in Lightning to create custom calendars and add filters to it. For instance, you can create a custom list view in Taskfeed Tasks and only show tasks of certain criteria (you can't do that with Salesforce's out-of-the-box Tasks!). For instance: "My Implementation Tasks" or "My Tasks for Universal Containers".

  • You can create calendars for Taskfeed Tasks or for Boards, or both.

  • Each person can create multiple custom calendars and share with others (in Salesforce).

  • You can also add Salesforce Events against a Taskfeed task, or a Board, an Account etc (see default Actions) - which can have a start and finish time.

  • You can click on Taskfeed tasks or boards or Events from the Lightning Calendar view and go directly to its record.


  • The Lightning Calendar view is in Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

List View Filtering

No list views are available for filtering calendars based on the “Event” and the Salesforce “Task” objects. For calendars created from other standard objects, list views with the scope My and All are supported, but list views with the scope My Team are not.

Because Taskfeed Tasks are a custom object, you can create filters based on custom list views created in the Taskfeed Task and Taskfeed Board objects.

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