Taskfeed Reports & Dashboard Pack

One of the primary benefits of using Taskfeed to support your business process is to measure its success over time within Salesforce. You will be able to analyze the efficacy of your process, identify what's working well and target areas that require improvement.

When you map a repeatable process such as Customer Onboarding to Taskfeed, you can track metrics like time spent on each task as well as aggregate groups of tasks that make a particular stage or milestone. Compare project Baseline variances as well as Estimated Hours versus actual time spent per Board or per contributor.

Taskfeed comes with pre-built sample reports and a sample dashboard out of the box. The installed package also includes a series of report types for Taskfeed and its related objects.

Taskfeed Sample reports

You can customize our sample reports, or build custom reports to suit the exact needs of your organization.

Users with the “Manage Custom Report Types” Salesforce permission can define additional custom report types that extend the types of reports available with the Taskfeed managed package.

Reports & Dashboards Access:

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards are stored in folders, which control who has access. If you have access to a folder, you can view its reports and dashboards. However, to view the dashboard components, you need access to the underlying reports as well.

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To give users access to the Taskfeed Sample Reports and Sample Dashboard, share the report folder and the dashboard folder with users or public groups.

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