Manage Taskfeed Assigned Licenses

The Salesforce Administrator in your Org has access to a list of all users with a Taskfeed License and how many remaining seats are available.

To View All Taskfeed Licensed Users in your Org:

Salesforce User Permissions Needed
To manage licenses for an AppExchange package:Manage Package Licenses

  1. In Salesforce Classic*, navigate to Setup from your Org's Production Environment.

  2. Enter "Installed Packages" in the Quick Find search bar and select Installed Packages.

  3. Find Taskfeed and select Manage Licenses.

  4. You will see a list of Licensed Users on the screen, as well as the total number of Allowed Licenses and Used Licenses.  

  5. ​If the number of Allowed Licenses is greater than the number of Used Licenses, click Add Users to add more active users in your Org.

*If you work in Lightning Experience, switch to Salesforce Classic to view a list of assigned users as this list view may not be available in Lightning Experience at this time.

Please note: Once a  license has been granted to an additional user, a Taskfeed Permission Set must also be assigned to that user. 

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