Configuring Field-Level Visibility in External Sharing

By default, External Sharing viewers may not be able to see all of the Taskfeed data which is visible to your internal users, such as Checklist items or custom fields. However, Salesforce System Administrators can clone the standard Taskfeed External User permission and configure field-level visibility for the External User Profile. 

Salesforce User Permissions Required
To create and edit sites:Customize Application

Customizing Field-Level Visibility for External Sharing

Use Case:

Do you want your customers to see notes and click on links with resources or attachments when you share the plan with them?

Use the steps below to make a Taskfeed Task custom field, such as Notes (rich text area that can contain URLs and images) visible in External Sharing.

There are different ways to customize what viewers outside of Salesforce can or cannot see when you share a Board with them using External Sharing.

Firstly, you can predefine any tasks you don’t want viewers to see so you only share those that are relevant to people outside of your organization.

For those Tasks that they are allowed to see, only certain parts will be visible by default.

When custom fields are created in Taskfeed Tasks (such as a place for Notes and Links) and you wish to display them through External Sharing, your Salesforce Administrator can modify the default permissions that define what External viewers can see.

The Following instructions are a step-by-step guide to modify the default visibility permissions within External Sharing:

In the example below, we will enable External Sharing visibility of a custom Notes field in Taskfeed Task.

To configure these steps, External Sharing must be enabled in your Organization first.


To create permission sets:

“Manage Profiles and Permission Sets”

To assign permission sets:

“Assign Permission Sets”

Step 1:

  1. Navigate to Setup and in Quick Find enter Permission Sets

  2. Find the Taskfeed External User standard permission set and Clone.

  3. Modify the Name and description, then click Save. In our example, we will call this permission Taskfeed Custom External User.

  4. Select the cloned Taskfeed Customer External User permission.

  5. Go to Object Settings and select Taskfeed Tasks.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. Go to any custom fields that are currently not visible in External Sharing and select check the Read Access checkbox next to each field (it is not possible to give external viewers Edit Access. If Edit Access is manually selected, Taskfeed will override those permissions and give Read Access only).

  8. Click Save.

Step 2:

  1. Navigate to Setup and in Quick Find and enter Sites

  2. Select Taskfeed Public Share Services

  3. Click Public Access Settings

  4. Select View Users

  5. Scroll down to Permissions Set Assignments | Manage Assignments

  6. Select and modify the appropriate permission set, from Taskfeed External User to Taskfeed Custom External User. Click  Save.

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