Configure Field-Level Visibility in External Sharing

By default, External Sharing viewers may not be able to see all of the Taskfeed data which is visible to your internal users, such as Checklist items or custom fields. However, Salesforce System Administrators can configure field-level visibility for the External User Profile. 

Salesforce User Permissions Required
To create and edit sites:Customize Application

Configure Field-Level Visibility for External Sharing Viewers:

In the instructions below, we will use the Checklist Item field, which is not visible in External Sharing by default,
as an example.
  1. Once External Sharing is enabled for your Org, go to Salesforce Setup and search for Sites in the Quick Find search bar.

  2. Select Taskfeed Public Share Services

  3. Click Public Access Settings

  4. Click Edit

  5. Scroll down to the Custom Object Permissions section

  6. Check the box for Read in Checklist Item

  7. Click Save

You can now customize further what the external user can see in the Field Level Security section of its profile. For instance, you may want to display the Details field or a custom field you may have within Taskfeed Tasks.

Other use cases:

Use the same steps above to make a Taskfeed Task custom field, such as Notes (rich text area that can contain URLs and images) visible in External Sharing.

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