Enforce Completion of Checklist Items

Use Case:  Enforce the completion of Checklist Items before a Taskfeed Task can be marked as completed or dragged to the Complete list.

This functionality is possible with some Salesforce customization by defining a validation rule on the Taskfeed Task object in Salesforce Setup.

Salesforce User Permissions Needed

To view field validation rules: View Setup and Configuration

To define or change field validation rules: Customize Application

Define a New Validation Rule:

  1. Navigate to Setup.

  2. Click Object Manager in Lightning Experience or select Create > Objects in Classic, then select the Taskfeed Task object.

  3. Select Validation Rules.

  4. Click New.

  5. Enter a Name and use the following Error Conditioning Formula:

ISCHANGED(taskfeed1__Complete__c) &&

           taskfeed1__Complete__c &&

(taskfeed1__Completed_Checklist_Items__c < taskfeed1__Checklist_Items__c)

  1. Enter an Error Message, define any other properties and click Save.

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