Log Time Spent on a Task

Logging Time For Each Task

With Taskfeed, you can log the amount of time you spend on each task.

Taskfeed also provides a field called Estimated Hours, where you can define the number of hours estimated for each task on your Task Template. Taskfeed then calculates the amount of time remaining on each task automatically each time someone logs time against that task.

The following are acceptable time units for logging time in Taskfeed:





Converts the leading number hours based on your org-wide settings for HOURS_IN_DAY

2 days


As above

1 day


As above

1 d


Converts the leading number of hours

4 hours


As above

1 hour


As above

2 hrs


As above

1 hr


As above



Converts the leading number to minutes

2 mins


As above



As above


  • Also note you can have a space between the number and the unit, e.g. "2 hours" or no space, e.g. "2hours". They both work the same.
  • You can also combine units, e.g. 2 hrs 30 minutes or use decimals e.g. 2.5 to express the same amount of time.
  • When no unit is provided it defaults to hours.

To log time spent on a task:

From the Taskfeed tab, open an existing board and click on to any task to reveal details in the side panel.

  1. Select Clock Icon to open

2. Enter any amount of time (see the table above for all the units of time accepted). 3. Enter a description if you like.

  1. Click Log Time.

Provide Estimated Hours for each Task

Provide information to your users on how long a task is expected to take to complete. Enter the number of Estimated Hours for a single task, or include the Estimated Hours field in a task template to provide estimated hours for several related tasks at once.

Provide Estimated Hours for a single Task:

  1. Open the task’s record detail page in Salesforce either from the Taskfeed Task tab or
  2. from a board in the Taskfeed tab, click on the task to reveal the detail pane on the right and click next to the Task Name.
  3. Find the Effort section in the Details page, then click Edit or next to Estimated Hours.
  4.  Enter an amount for Estimated Hours.

Remaining Hours will auto-populate.

5. Click Save.

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