6.2. Embed the Taskfeed Opportunity or Account Visualforce Page in Classic

Taskfeed has been designed to work alongside your Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects. Out of the box, Taskfeed is related to Accounts and Opportunities to make it easier for you to access Boards related to these records without leaving their page.

This article shows how Salesforce administrators can embed the Taskfeed pre-built Visualforce page onto the Account or Opportunity page layout in Salesforce Classic.

User Permissions Needed:
To create, edit, and delete page layouts:
To view page layouts:
Customize Application
View Setup and Configuration

Customize the Account or Opportunity page layout in Classic:

  1. Select an Account or an Opportunity record. From its record detail page, click Edit Layout at the top.

This will take you to the Page Layout Editor in Setup.

  1. Click Visualforce Pages in the Components section.

  2. Select and drag the Section element from the component toolbox onto the page layout to create a new section anywhere on the page layout.

  3. Name the section "Taskfeed” and select  1-Column Layout.

  4. Drag and drop TaskfeedAccountEmbed if customizing an Account page, or TaskfeedOpportunityEmbed for an Opportunity page onto the section you just created.

  5. Double click the Visualforce page within the Page Layout area to edit its properties.

  6. Adjust the height (in pixels) - we recommend 550 - and leave other values as defaults. Click OK.

  7. Click Save.

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