6. Add Taskfeed Related Lists to an Account or Opportunity

Taskfeed has been designed to work alongside your Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects. Out of the box, Taskfeed is related to Accounts and Opportunities to make it easier for you to access Boards related to these records without leaving their page.

To view related Taskfeed Boards and Taskfeed Tasks from an Account or Opportunity record, your Salesforce Administrator must add the Taskfeed Board and Taskfeed Task-related lists to the Related section of the Account and Opportunity page layouts.

The steps below will show how Salesforce administrators can add related lists to a page layout in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

User Permissions Needed
To customize related lists:Customize Application

1. From Setup > Object Manager in Lightning, select Account or Opportunity. If customizing both, edit one at a time.

In Salesforce Classic, open any Account or any Opportunity record and click  Edit Layout, at the top.

If your Org uses multiple page layouts, select the appropriate page layouts assigned to Taskfeed users.

2. From the Components section in the Page Layout Editor, select Related Lists.

3. Drag and drop the Taskfeed Boards and Taskfeed Tasks elements to the Related Lists section of the page layout.

4. Click Save. You may be prompted to override the default settings.

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