Relate Taskfeed to other Records in Salesforce


Taskfeed has been designed to work alongside your Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects. Out of the box, Taskfeed provides lookup fields to relate Account or Opportunity records to a Taskfeed Board or a Taskfeed Task.

Relate Taskfeed to Other Salesforce Records

To  associate a Board and/or a Task to other records in Salesforce such as Case, Lead or a custom object record like a Project, Salesforce Administrators must create additional lookup relationships in either Taskfeed Board, Taskfeed Task or both. The lookup relationship will link Taskfeed to other Salesforce standard or custom object records.

⚠️Important: Once the custom lookup relationship is created:

1. Ensure the field is on the page layout

2. Ensure the field is also added to the Edit Modal Field and Record Detail Pane field sets in the Taskfeed object where the relationship was created.

3. If the lookup relationship on Taskfeed Board is with a custom object, ensure the field is also added on the Field Copy Field Set layout.

Adding Related Lists and Visualforce Pages

To view related Taskfeed Boards and Taskfeed Tasks from an Account or an Opportunity record, your Salesforce Administrator must add the Taskfeed Board and Taskfeed Task-related lists to the Related section in the Account and Opportunity page layout.

Taskfeed provides pre-built Visualforce pages to display related Boards for both the Account and Opportunity objects. They also can be added to the page layout for these objects, but the way they are set up depends whether your Organization is using Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.

⚠️ Taskfeed does not provide a Visualforce Page to embed Taskfeed in any other Salesforce standard or custom objects beyond Account or Opportunity, but Salesforce Administrators can create a custom Visualforce Page using our sample code.

Are you using Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience?

Consider whether your Taskfeed users will be using Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. The section of the record page where Related Lists are configured is managed the same way for both Classic and Lightning, but the page areas where the Visualforce element may be added in Lightning Experience display differently.

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