Troubleshooting Taskfeed Templates

Are you getting an error when trying to upload a template to Taskfeed Templates?

  • I'm getting an error when trying to upload my file. Help!

1) Make sure there are no commas (,) anywhere in your source file. CSV files read commas as commands.
 This is what you will see if there are commas in your source file when you try to upload it to Taskfeed:

  • I can't see my file when I try to upload it. It just deletes it.
2) Are you using Microsoft Excel? Make sure the source file is Saved As CSV UTF-8. Some versions of Microsoft Excel save in a .csv format which is not compatible with Salesforce. This is an error that only happens with a few versions of Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets always save in the compatible CSV format.

The template looks fine but I can't create a Board now. Help!

If you are getting an error similar to this:

This type of error points out that the required field "List" is missing. If you are trying to create a Board with a Task Template, make sure that either the  Default List Template is active or another List Template is active and associated with the Board Type you are trying to create.

Taskfeed includes a Default List Template out of the box. That list template will be applied to all boards by default until you create (and activate) custom List Templates and relate them to a Board Type. If there are no active list templates and the default list template is deleted, you will receive an error message.

How to Restore the Default List Template

Restoring the default list template back to your Org is easy, but requires Salesforce System Administrator permissions.
  1. Go to Setup > Installed Packages > Taskfeed
  2. Click Configure and select the Background Processes tab.
  3. In the Default List Template area, select Create Default List Template.
  4. Click Save.

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