Create, Edit or Delete a List

Taskfeed Boards come with default lists out of the box, which are: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting and Complete.

Need to change that? No problem!

This article shows you how to Edit, Create or Delete a List for a single board.

User Permissions Needed to Edit, Create or Delete Lists:

Taskfeed Super User or Taskfeed Admin User permission set

Taskfeed Standard User permission set cannot edit, create or delete Lists.

How to Edit a List:

  1. From the Taskfeed tab, select the Board View .

  2. Click next to the name of the list you wish to edit.

  3. Select Edit.

You can rename the list and change the order that it appears on the board.

4. Click Save.

Select Advanced Options to change the list color and edit the behavior of Tasks that belong on this list.

For instance, you can hide tasks on this list from appearing in the Task Inbox. This is common for “Complete” or “On Hold” types of lists.

When you change the color of the list, it looks like this:

To Add a New List to the Board:

  1. Click next to the Board’s name.

  2. Select Add List.

  1. Give the new list a name and choose the order it should appear on the Board.

  2. Select Advanced Options to customize the list further.

  3. Click Save.

Rearrange Lists on the Board

To rearrange the order that each List appears on the board:

  1. Click next to the name of the list you wish to rearrange.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Change the Order number accordingly. The order is arranged from left to right.

Delete a List

No longer need a List? Here’s how to delete a List from a single Board:

Note: Lists have a master-detail relationship to Tasks (Tasks are on the detail side). If you delete a List which contains tasks, those tasks will also be deleted. Consider moving tasks  you wish to keep to a different list on the board before deleting a list.

  1. From the Board View , click once on the Board’s name.

The record detail pane will appear on the side.

  1. Click next to Taskfeed Board to open the Board’s record.

  1. In the Taskfeed Board record, click Related to go to the Related Lists tab in Lighting or scroll down to find the Related Lists section of the record in Classic.

  1. Find the Lists section and click to the right of a list’s name in Lighting.

  2. Select Delete.

  1. In Classic, select Del to the left of the List’s name.

  2. Click OK to confirm.

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