Getting Started with Taskfeed

New to Taskfeed?

This guide will help you discover and get started with Taskfeed right away!

Who does what?

Salesforce Administrators install and configure Taskfeed

Taskfeed Admin Users”  create and Manage Taskfeed Templates

Taskfeed Standard Users” (business users) use Taskfeed regularly as part of their work

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All Taskfeed Users: 

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Taskfeed Super Users:

Need more help or have questions? 

Attend a Taskfeed Office Hours live session

Ask a question and let one of our experts guide you through the answer.
Taskfeed Office Hours are every Wednesday at 5 pm BST | 12 pm ET | 9 am PT.
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Other ways to get help:

Contact our Support team straight from the app, on the chat icon found in the lower right corner of your screen in the Taskfeed tab.

                                           Enjoy using Taskfeed!

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