Create a Checklist Item

To add a checklist item to any Task manually:

  1. Select the Taskfeed tab from the App Launcher in Lightning or All Tabs in Classic.

  2. From the Board View, click on the Task to open its record detail pane on the right of the screen.

  3. Scroll down to the Checklist section.

  4. Type an item in the New checklist item… area, then click Add or hit the Enter key. Repeat this step for each additional item.

  5. Optionally, assign a checklist item to a Task Contributor by clicking the icon. The user selected will be added to the Task Card and receive a notification related to the Task as a whole.

Note: Checklist Item contributors are Task Contributors. If they weren’t already assigned to that particular Task, they become a Task Contributor when a checklist item is assigned to them. If they weren’t already a member of that Taskfeed Board, they also become a Board Team Member and will have at least read access to all Tasks on that Board.

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