Release Communications

How do I know when a new version of Taskfeed has been released?

We announce Major version updates a few weeks before their release date. We communicate Patch upgrades around the time that it is pushed to your Salesforce instance.

We will start with sharing the Release Notes and communicating a timeline with an email to our key contacts for all our customers. Major releases are pushed to Sandbox environments, and at the same time published on the AppExchange.  Production instances are pushed later. If your organization has opted-out of auto-upgrades, you will still receive release announcements, but the upgrade will not be pushed based on the timeline communicated.

If you have issues upgrading manually please contact and we can help you.

Do I have to upgrade?

As part of your terms of service, we may ask that you upgrade to the latest version of Taskfeed in order to resolve a particular issue.

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